Thank you, 2022 CDLI Summer Interns

Thank you to members of the Debate Union and CCDU alumni for their outstanding instruction and administrative work during this summer’s Claremont Debate and Leadership Communication Institutes (CDLI). This year, due ro pandemic and new curricular development, there were 2 national institute sessions, a summer tournament for US debaters, and workshops and curricular support for new initiatives for tens of thousands of students and teachers in South Africa and Uganda.  scheduled from June-September, for secondary school teachers and students. Programming included multiple teacher workshops, a debate sessions for middle school students, an academic conference on electoral reform for high school students, a summer debate championship for middle school students, and leadership communication training, including extemporaneous speaking, interviewing, roundtable discussion, multimedia presentation, resume and essay writing, and college application preparation for high school students.

CCDU members and alums from CMC, Scripps, Pomona, and Pitzer participated in Summer 2022 and included active CCDU members Maya Kurkhill (CMC ’23), Benjamin Brady (POM ’25), Cameron Quijada (SCR ’25), Devanshi Guglani (CMC ’25), Grayson Shaw (POM ’25), Louis Layman (CMC ’26), Sterling Drummond (PTZ ’25), as well as former members Nicole Pilar (PTZ ’13) and Ella Henry (CMC ’20). In addition, the summer sessions relied on the exceptional work of Katie Na, friend of the CCDU for many years and a former participant in the Debate Union’s international high school programming, USF ’22, and co-president of the Public Debate President.


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