A short report about 2018 Europeans Championships

Alain Cadre – Overall winner of the 2018 Europeans

2018 Europeans championships took place 4-9 September in Portoroz Slovenia a famous sailing spot and a well known touristic destination.
The weather was almost Mediterranean warm and sunny, except a short interval on Friday 7/9, but the wind was very light sea breeze from 6 to 9 knots. Due to this fact race comity had difficulty to carry out the racing program. So on Wednesday 5/9/ three courses were conducted with wind up to 8 knots and on Thursday 6//9 three more courses were conducted with lighter sea breeze. Unfortunately next two days the wind was instable and below the limit and so it was impossible to conduct more courses. So finally the Championship ended with 6 races on Saturday morning.
20 participants from 8 countries (Slovenia, Greece, France, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Poland and Canada) raced to this Championship in two categories A and C.
The sailor who dominated in the races was the French champion Alain Cadre which won all races in overall and in C category with his Gema prototype followed by Swedish Jonas Davidson who raced with his new experimental prototype. Matjas Puch, the young local Champion, took the 3 rd place in C category. In A category the Italian Ezio Ferin won the 1 st place followed by the Greek Petros Katsareas and Croatian Zelico Sdrock in the 2 nd ans 3 rd places.
On Saturday after the end of the Championship the classic Piranja long distance regatta took place where raced 37 participants from 7 countries with any kind of windsurfing boards. Again in this race division 2 dominated in the results occupying almost all the 13 first places in overall ranking and again Alain Cadre was the winner. Finally the program closed with a sup race.
The spirit was friendly and due to the very big efforts of race comity and the excellent work and hospitality of the club’s staff everybody left happy from the event despite the difficult wind conditions.
Following are the final results in European Champioships and Piranja long distance race.

Europeans DIV2

Piranja long distance