2017 Division II European Championships to be held in Hungary


ID2CA and IWA invite Division 2 sailors to the 2017 D2 European Championships to be held in Balatonfüred, Lake Balaton, Hungary , 4-9 September 2017.

Championships is open to sailors in good standing with their Class memberships with equipment properly tagged (ID2CA official stickers).

The Event counts for the 2017 ID2CA annual ranking list and is a coefficient 2 competition

French Nationals – Event summary by Jonas Davidson Vittel SWE-78

My participation in French Nationals D2/RCO 21-23/10 2016

by Jonas Davidson Vitell – SWE-78


Jonas Davidson – French Nationals, La Baule. Picture © Marc Quentel

The D2 European championship in Brest was a really good competition. On the way home to Sweden I discussed improvements with my friend Rikard but the problem was if there were any more D2 regattas this year. I wanted to change my board and rig a bit and get it tested against the best sailors. I got big help from Fred Bequart, Florent Lambert and Alain Cadre keeping me updated about French Nationals in La Baule. Finally it looked like it could be a very good competition. It is 2000 kilometers plus one night on the ferry from Sweden so the thing that finally made me decide to go was that my son would join and get some excellent RSX competition. We arrived on Thursday lunch and went sailing with Francois Leduey, Alain Cadre and Gilles Tanguy. I was testing a wider centerboard than the one I am used to and it felt good but not as lively as my narrow one so I decided to use my old next day.  Registration went on without problems and I was glad to see nine D2 competitors. The feeling is really good between sailors with a touch of reunion, family and sharp racing. First racing day was Friday with sun and 1-3 knots of wind. We started together with raceboards. Pumping was free and that felt ok. The course was a kind of stretched RSX style as follows: start- upwind mark- downwind mark- upwind mark- reaching mark- downwind mark- reach to finish line. I liked the course and it worked out excellent to race together with raceboards. I was behind from the start, tired after the long trip and maybe I should have taken my wide centerboard to avoid stalling upwind. Didier Boujean was very fast and also tacked correct on the shifts. Alain also went fast and the right way. I finished 7:th far away from the top sailors. My analys was that next time in 1-3 knots I will use a wider centerboard, softer mast and get more rest before racing.  The wind died and racing was cancelled for the day. Day two we had 10-14 knots of wind. I had slept 12 hours and eager to compete. We made four races. I was a little bit behind in the starts but worked my way up in each race. Alain Cadre showed excellent balance with good speed and tactical tacking upwind. I got better after each race and began closing the gap to Alain, especially downwind. I finished 2,2,2 and in the fourth race I took the lead at last upwind mark. On the downwind I felt fast and gybed before Alain into the middle of the course and  ended in less wind. Alain went to the right corner with more wind and finished first again. So Alain had four first places and I had four second places after day two. In the evening we got invited to dinner with Francois, Gilles, Alain, Florent and Georges. My son had to rest but I had a wonderful time and I was glad that Florent could translate the dinner conversation.  Sunday was last day of racing and the forecast promised 20 knots of wind. As usual I was a bit behind in the start but advanced through the field. I was second after Alain at last upwind mark but this day I had learned from yesterdays mistake and with fantastic downwind speed I managed to finish first. Second race had a little bit more wind and I with good speed I won again. I wanted to race more but they only let the RSX do three races so we went ashore. In summary Alain had 111122 and I had 222211 so Alain won and I was proud on second place with Didier Boujean on third place. I got my test of the improvements and a very nice time among fantastic sailors. I am really looking forward to more D2 events and hope the class will grow.

Jonas Davidson Vitell



France National Windsurf 2016

Last weekend, the French nationals concluded in La Baule, France. The championships was hosted by Le Cercle Nautique La Baule Le Pouligen Pornichet (CNBPP). Open Division II and RCB raced together on the same track and the scratch race was won hands down by Alain Cadre FRA-1134, followed by Jonas Davidson SWE-78, both on open division II prototypes, in front of the first raceboarder, Benjamin Longy FRA-21. Congrats to both Alain and Jonas for showing that DIV II boards still have it!

Here are the results for the open DIV II sailors and a few pictures.

Congratulations to all the sailors who participated!



Pictures are from the CNBPP

Euro 2016 – see you next year!

9Sadly, it is finished … A dream come true!

One would have wished it lasts again for ever but, no, unfortunately, it had to come to an end after months of preparation. Brutal stop!
What an Event…
After 24 years of deep sleep and disappearance from the sailing world, this is with emotions we’ve seen our black II flag rising again officially ashore and on the mast of committee boat.
What a moment…

One could have expected some difficulties after such a long time, but fortunately it went pretty well overall during the week.
We were able to race and fight (fairly) as fierce as in the old times.
Pumping though was soon again subject for requests.After an open discussion where the windsurfers expressed their opinions, a compromise was found and we completed the week without hearing anymore about it.
Good ambiance, good friend sailors responding to the call, not hesitating to drive long distances to come participate in the revival of the class, from the south, the north the east and even across the Atlantic…

Crocos de l’ Elorn and its race committee did a great job in running the event professionally every day. Races were launched one after one and we were able to complete 9 races despite capricious winds.
It was not trivial to do so…Putting different classes (RB & DII) using different set of courses and rules of races simultaneously in same racing area was challenging but Club had solutions and brought good alternative. Cohabitation went very well, all sailors paying attention and respecting each other. For DIIs, it was also the opportunity to observe other types of course than its typical triangle. No doubt it will be assessed and fuel ideas for the future.

On the tarmac, we had the immense pleasure to revivethe famous board measurement sessions and everyone got the “approved “ stamp on its board and sails prior to the race.
I’d like to thank the International Measurer for this. He did a fantastic job in measuring and weighting all equipments (old & new) accurately.

Special thanks also on to the Event photographer for the daily coverage, shooting hundred of pictures, RB or DIIs, and special thanks to the DJ who tirelessly animated the party on the Club all days long…

Thank you all. …

It is finished, yes, but the good news is that we are already looking at next Event, right now, not only next Oceanic down under, no, but next European in 2017 and other Events.
Be assured that your Class is actively working on it (for a while already) and we hope being able to tell you more very soon. So stay tune!

See you next year!

Picture by Patrik Polak SVK-1, event photographer

Euro 2016 DIV II Brest and the winners are..


1. Alain Cadre FRA-1131 2. Nicolas Le Gal FRA-115 3. Omar Juan Moreno ESP-136


1.Alain Cadre FRA-1131 2.Nicolas Le Gal FRA-115 3. Jonas Davidson Vitell SWE-78


1.Omar Juan Moreno ESP-136 2. Gilles Tanguy FRA-19 3. François Leduey FRA-1841

Congratulations !


Pictures by Patrik Pollak

Euro 2016 DIV II Brest day 5

Euro 2016 Races summary by Eric Bouillet CAN-10

So this is it, our 1st European Championships since 30 years has ended.

Everyone has packed equipments and is heading back home now.

What a week!

What to say….Very high level of sailing, highly performing new equipments, nice ambiance on parking with sailors exchanging and sharing information.

All ingredients to make D2 return on International scene shining.

Day 5 started, for once, as planned, i.e light wind progressively establishing west, around 7-10 knots, under a beautiful sky and warm temperature.

Race one was completed faster this time and next series were being launched quickly.

About 5 minutes before our 2nd race, while starting our procedure, wind suddenly picked up, almost doubling. When horn finally freed D2 fleet it was about 20 knots established, gusting 22 (RC), with increasingly choppy waters. So let say we rather left starting line in survival mode for some of us. I managed to sail one leg then decided to stop as situation was worsening then headed to closest beach. It ultimately blew out half of our D2 fleet.

Top 8 only managed to finish, more or less easily, and some of them rushed ashore for changing sails, in prevision of next race.

But it was the last of the day, and of the week, many RCBs being also in difficulty, mobilizing security resources.

RC cancelled 3rd race, making sure everyone was going back safely to the club. Remarkable, prompt reaction from Croco de l’Elorn RC that demonstrated twice its ability to react timely and efficiently to fix sudden, unexpected marginal conditions. Congrats! Well done! It has to be said.

Week is over now. We had great time and it was really good meeting friends again as well as making new ones.

We look forward to meeting you again soon for another unforgettable European Championships.

Good luck all!

Final results after 9 races

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.00.23 PM

Pictures by Patrik Pollak